SEO and Marketing

Join Solutions provides custom SEO consulting and management services to optimize any website. These services will help your website gain more online exposure and increase organic website traffic. This may include on-site and off-site optimizations, depending on the specific business needs and areas of greatest impact. The list below represents optimization areas included in SEO services.

  • Keyword Research & Tracking
  • Meta Data Updates
  • Structured Data Updates
  • Canonical Tag Maintenance
  • Redirects & Crawl Errors Addressed
  • Robots.txt & XML Sitemap Improvements
  • Website Architecture Improvements
  • Content Analysis & Content Direction
  • Link Building
  • Competitive Research
  • Business Listings Optimization
  • Online Review Recommendations
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Google Search Console Maintenance
  • Monthly Reporting & Consulting

Search Engine Management (SEM)/Paid Media

As part of our monthly paid search management, we will actively monitor and improve ad performance. The dedicated Search Engine Marketing (SEM) specialist assigned to your account will communicate campaign results on a regular basis in the form of consulting calls and meetings, regular emails, and monthly reports. You will be assigned a dedicated search engine marketing specialist. They are responsible for the strategy and management of paid search campaigns. The SEM specialist will consult on an appropriate monthly advertising budget for maximum results. This amount is paid directly to an advertising platform (such as Google) for the placement of ads. It may be scaled up or down based on performance or ROI.

    Activities Include:

  • Ad Campaign Management

    The SEM manager will monitor the ad campaign performance and make updates to the campaigns based on the results. These improvements will include the addition of search terms and negative keywords; new ad copy; adjustments to bids, budgets, and targeting; competitive analysis; conversation rate analysis; landing page creation and optimization; as well as other items.

  • Ongoing Research

    Joint Solutions will evaluate opportunities within the entire landscape of advertising platforms that offer paid placement opportunities. We will identify the search engines, display networks, and social sites that offer the best combination of search relevancy, audience reach, pricing, brand exposure, and competitive positioning. Based on those findings, our team will test and analyze results within each channel to focus on the strategies that yield the highest quality traffic at the lowest possible cost.

  • Ongoing Keyword Evaluation

    We will review keyword opportunities and build the keyword list based on search volume, relevance, costs, website goals, objectives, and metrics for success. Historical keyword performance will be leveraged to optimize search, display, and search retargeting efforts. We will also classify terms by categories specific to the client’s business model.

  • Creative Services

    As part of the monthly SEM management services, we will allocate a portion of your retainer toward creative services for the ad campaign as needed. The process will begin with initial consulting and design strategy. All design concepts will be sent for approval before activating an ad campaign and will include up to two rounds of edits.

  • Landing Page Optimization

    To optimize the Quality Scores and conversion rates, we will also provide strategy and consulting services for the campaign’s landing pages. This may include developing new landing pages or updating existing pages.

Email Marketing

Successful email marketing requires continuous refinement. It is an ongoing process rather than a project to complete. Monthly email marketing services from Solus allow you to take a hands-off approach, approving final decisions rather than building entire campaigns. This will give you more time to focus on other aspects of your organization. We continuously identify opportunities to strengthen email marketing efforts to help your organization grow, maintain your subscriber base, and ultimately increase visits to your site.

  • Email Automation

    Email Automation allows you to welcome new subscribers, and send emails reminding your audience to check out if they abandon a shopping cart or stop before failing to create an account while reaching out to members who have lapsed.

  • Marketing Calendar:

    A calendar schedules new and future email marketing campaigns that your organization is planning to launch and determines the frequency of messaging. It helps focus these campaigns so that they flow with a natural cadence and rhythm to launch when they will be most effective.

  • Campaign Creation

    Campaigns consist of multiple emails sent over a period that revolve around a common promotion or topic. will create a predetermined number of new email marketing campaigns.

  • Email Message Creation

    We work with you to create new email messages associated with upcoming campaigns, including graphics, HTML, and copywriting services. These involve consistent collaboration as Joint Solutions works with you to gain your approval as the messaging is developed.

Content Writing

Solus experienced copywriting team provides clear, concise, and audience-targeted content for your website. Combining experience in marketing, advertising, and journalism, we offer well-researched, carefully written copy that promotes your organization’s message and encourages interaction. New copy is created to flow seamlessly with the navigation of the site. It provides a highly efficient user experience that makes it easy to locate key data and contact information. Likewise, our draft and review processes enable clients to proofread proposed copy and make edits prior to finalization.

    Key Features
  • •   Subject, organization, and industry researched thoroughly.

  • •   Content presented in a consistent voice.

  • •   New copy created; existing content updated.

  • •   Message targets your audience.